Broker Deals Without Making a Call!

Reduce Clutter in Your Brokering Business

Umun Deals allows your clients to place orders on your app. You just have to create the deal and share auto-generated invoices to the relevant parties. 

Delightful Customer Experience

Delightful Customer


Centralized Business Dashboard

Centralised Business


Automated Bookkeeping

Automated Bookkeeping

Honestly, is this the way to Broker Deals with a Growing Clientele?

Every Brokering business has 6 Major Problems!

Problem 1

Manual Calls

You have to take Orders Manually over call!

Your clientele will keep growing, but how many calls you can take in a day? You either hire more people or miss some deals.

Problem 2

Manual Bookkeeping

You have to Manually Manage Your Books

Just ask your accountant how many entries they make and update in that age old accounting software. The number is huge!

Problem 3

No Central Database

No Centralised System for Historical Data

What happens when you want to review a 3-month old deal? Do you get all the details instantly like you should?

Problem 4

Delay in Payments

Payment collections are always a Hassle!

No one is lucky enough to face no issues with payment collections. Larger the deal, higher the possibility of delay and hampered business.

Problem 5

Handicapped without Staff

You feel Handicapped without Your Staff

You always need to call someone to get things done, be it your accountant or manager or calling executive.

Problem 6

Multiple Softwares

You are Juggling between Softwares for Different Tasks

You get accounts on Tally, contacts on Whatsapp, and Orders on Paper! The list of tools that you use is simply too long. 

Here’s how Umun Deals can Help You Make Deals Automatically!

Manage every aspect of your Brokering Business from Your Mobile App

Create Deals Automatically

Create Deals Automatically

Simply approve and match buy/sell orders to create deals.

Access data from anywhere

Take Your Data Everywhere You Go

Access any post record, anytime, anywhere.

Deals page open in Umun Deals app on Macbook
Automated Accounting

Automated Accounting

Automatic tax calculation and account entry upon deal finalization.

One Click Invoice Sharing

One-Click Invoice Sharing

Share invoices to relevant parties via Whatsapp & Email with a single tap.

One Unified App for Your Brokering Business

Manage and nurture contacts, approve and match orders to create a deal, share invoices, and remain tax compliant through your own Brokering App!

No more Calling, no more Manual Entries, no more Missed Opportunities.


Get started in minutes to get control of your entire brokering business!

Meet the Team Working for You!

Abhinav Singhal

Abhinav Singhal

Product Architect

Arjun Sharma

Arjun Sharma

Lead Developer

Rahul Rana

Rahul Rana

Head – Business Development

Shubham Garg

Shubham Garg

Product Marketer

Our Mission Is to Build the Foundation of a Secure Future

Umun Tech aims at developing intelligent solutions for MSMEs to make their business relevant to the present and the future.

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