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Majority of businesses in India still manage most aspects of their businesses manually, via pen and paper. This often includes crucial processes like keeping inventory, payment records, trades, and more. In the era when India has pulled ahead with digital payments through UPI, Umun Tech aims at digitising and automating other such aspects of business conducted by MSMEs. 

Our Approach

We firmly believe in the power and control automation of repetitive workflows brings to the business. We use tech innovatively to improve business processes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help MSMEs accelerate growth by digitising and automating the processes that are bottlenecks in the business.

Our Vision

To empower businesses and individuals realize their true potential through honest evaluation of capabilities, choices, and goals and a clear execution of plans.

Abhinav Singhal

Abhinav Singhal

Co-Founder & CTO

Abhinav believes CTO should be the ‘most technical business person’ and his/her goal is to build a great company, not only technology. Forever excited by the possibilities offered by new technologies, he is a trusted adviser to many of our key partners. Abhinav holds a Masters Degree in Software Engineering and has a technical career that spans over most part of the previous decade.

Abhinav Singhal leads Umun Tech’s cutting edge technology and innovation initiatives. He is the designated caretaker of our company’s technical culture and its customer-centric ethos.

Rahul Rana

Rahul Rana

CO-Founder & VP, Business Development

Rahul graduated Delhi University in 2012 and worked as a Stock Broker till the inception of Umun Tech. It was during his tenure as a Stock Broker that he saw the dire lack of knowledge and training amongst layman traders. To tackle the issue of negligence while trading, Rahul Seed Funded Market-Watch in March 2018. 

He is an avid cinema lover and loves to spend his spare time exploring new places, meeting new people and learning the unknown.

Rahul is responsible for discovering and creating new business opportunities for Umun Tech.

We work for MSMEs

We know you work to scale and expand your business every day. And we understand that as you grow, complexity of doing business also increases. We work so you can continue doing with ease and grow without worrying about the complexity of it all. 

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